Three Detained In Spring Valley Dispensary Guard Killing

Law enforcement has detained three individuals allegedly linked to the killing of a security guard in Spring Valley.

According to San Diego County district attorney Summer Stephan, two of the defendants are gang members from the Los Angeles region. The third is a San Diego man who is an alleged member of a local group.

Three gang members who were apprehended after a year-long search for those linked to the fatal shooting of a security guard outside a Spring Valley marijuana business appeared in court on Wednesday.

Kenny Love II’s shooting was part of a larger plot to extort money from illicit marijuana dealers. The defendants utilized threats and violence to frighten the owners if they did not get the extortion money, according to Stephan.

In addition to the July and November shootings in the Spring Valley area, authorities believe that the crime spree is to blame for further shootings in the area in 2019. He described two of the defendants as gang members who live in the Los Angeles region. The third is an affiliate of a local group that lives in San Diego.

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