Xymetric LLC Set to Launch its Revolutionary Aluminum Bowl Accessory into the California Cannabis Market Place

Hollywood actor Jeff Houkal, the owner of Xymetric LLC, a cannabis product development company, announced on October 23, 2019, that his one of a kind bong bowl, the INVINCIBOWL is set to launch in mid-November. Jeff describes the Invincibowl as “a revolutionary new bowl that is, you guessed it, invincible!”  The Invincibowl is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum for the strongest, longest-lasting bowl that you’ll ever own.

The InvinciBowl appears to be a very stylish mix of aluminum and stainless steel designed to make a highly functional product that you will only have to purchase once and possibly use into eternity.   

Xymetric LLC owner Jeff Houkal considers InvinciBowl a superior design to all-glass bowls on the market due to its rugged design and built-in proprietary features which according to Jeff, “Produce no harmful fumes or odors, and with its high flow screens, nearly eliminates clogging and keeps your bong water particulate-free.”  Jeff states that the InvinciBowl gives you “more tokes with less cleaning”.

According to Jeff, InvinciBowl was originally developed for him and a few friends after losing many a glass bowl to breakage, cracking or other moderate use damages. In addition, its proprietary captured screen makes for easy cleaning.

“InvinciBowl is the definitive solution to broken glass bowls, cumbersome screens that fall out and loss of smoking product. Xymetric LLCs InvinciBowl solves a problem not currently being addressed in the cannabis marketplace, and is addressing a key market segment that may not possess the residual income needed for multiple glass bowl purchases.”

According to Xymetric LLC, there are no other bowls on the market comparable to “Invincibowl”, Jeff considers the Invincibowl superior to all other smoke products on the market today.

Xymetric LLC expects the Invincibowl to be available for purchase in mid-November 2019.

Xymetric LLC markets its cannabis-related technology to both medical marijuana and adult-use cannabis markets.