You have a little pot seed with a dream in it. It is time to plant that lil guy and stop worrying about you’ve never grown before. This is your month for adventure and success. Throw some water on it and stand back!


Your smoking in the circle and every time the bowl gets to you it seems to be out of weed! You need to make some strategy changes! Instead of complaining do something unexpected and change your position. A full bowl is a great even as a minimal result.


Look at you walking around all sexy and star-eyed. Everyone is gifting you free weed and wax just because you got a sparkle in your eye. Remember nothing is for free and when you come off your haze they may expect something in return.


This month get high and stay high! I want you to get into the philosophy of what makes you. You need to climb into your head and stretch. It is all about growth and the evolution of your spirit to make you the best stoner you can be. This month your internal radar is screaming for attention.


You’re finally stopping the jokes to learn something new. Just when you convinced yourself you know everything. You have mastered growing the plant but now you gotta learn what to do with it when your perfect flower is done. Learn, learn, learn your brain is ready.


Duuuude you keep soaking the end of the joint before you pass it! You need to lighten up. You’re picking up traits that you despise. Like a really wet lip soaked joint. If you want people to smoke with you then you need to treat them better.


You have just burnt your fourth batch of medicated brownies and you could care less. Your positivity is flowing and nothing is gonna put a damper on that. Not even the serial mass murder of some delicious OG Kush walnut chocolate brownies.


You can yell to that dude to pass the joint till your blue in the face but it ain’t budging. When in a crowd of new potential friends it’s better to rely on yourself before relying on anyone else. Bring your own joint next time to give into the circle before taking out.


You are exploding this weak! Should you learn to grow weed, bake a brownie, purge your own wax? You should do them all. Your mind is bursting at the seams and you need to get out there and take some of that energy and put it to good use. Otherwise idle hands make bad joints.


When you pulled this joint out weren’t there only four people here? Seems like nine now and your joint may never come back. Good news is the new conversation is spectacular but don’t forget to take a little hike afterward and get some exercise…maybe take one of your new friends


You aren’t having the best week and your first reaction is to dab yourself silly. Remember to put some effort into real life before you plot your spiritual escape. Those problems won’t fix themselves. Hard work is the payment for a good hard dab. The flavor of “I earned it” is unbeatable.


Nobody wants to smoke with you if you keep filling up the bong with your tears. Your emotions are out of wack and maybe you should just smoke one tear-soaked joint to the head. Get yourself together the sensitivity you’re looking for isn’t going to be there this time.

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