Anthony Bourdain Loves Weed

By Marieval Yebra

With a swarthy attitude and a sophisticated palette, Anthony Bourdain is one of the most celebrated and controversial food celebs around. The culinary master is just more than the host of Parts Unknown and Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, he is a connoisseur of marijuana.

That’s right Anthony Bourdain likes to take part in smoking cannabis. Believe me, if you have worked in food service than it should be no surprise that the acclaimed author of Kitchen Confidential and The Bobby Gold Series loves to smoke a joint, or two, or three.

If you’re Anthony Bourdain, joints tend to be your weapon of choice. In fact, recently in the Seattle episode of Parts Unknown, Bourdain managed to show us his joint rolling skills. Why not? You’re Anthony Bourdain, a master chef, and best selling author; you have the right to take as many hits as you please.


In 2011, during a Q & A session at a Barnes Noble when asked about the perfect way to consume cannabis he answered with:

“I will tell you with authority that the perfect delivery system for marijuana, particularly good marijuana, is a joint. A classic joint. I prefer two papers, you know purists will say one paper, two papers burns more evenly. I like them rolled like a non-filtered Lucky Strike.” – Anthony Bourdain

Bourdain rolling a joint.

So apparently not only does he prefer joints but he has his own preference on how to roll. Again, if you have ever been able to catch his show, especially lately, you really can see that he does enjoy smoking herb. And having a few drinks with it.

Of course, it’s not its something new for him to be open about taking part in smoking marijuana or even consuming edibles. Back in 2013, while visiting Morroco for an episode of Parts Unknown he found out how to cannabis cooks create Majoon. Majoon is a hash delicacy made of nuts chocolate and honey. Yummy it’s almost a hash baklava. Suddenly, while watching, Liz Lemons voice popped into my head “I want to go there.” Not only did he find how this amazing sounding delicacy is made, but while in Tangier he stopped by a marijuana a cafĂ© for a small puff.

There are few other moments where Anthony Bourdain openly speaks about his toking up, never one to be shy about his relationship with marijuana. Parts Unknown is a pretty cool show to watch him talk about his love of marijuana, not to mention food and some of the most amazing locations and cultures around the world.

So Anthony Bourdain is a culinary icon, celebrated author, and a fellow pot smoker. Could this guy get any cooler? Oh yeah and he cooked for his girlfriend and her friends on Thanksgiving. Him being a fellow stoner is just one more positive attribute to add to a list of many.