Ayr Wellness Debuts Entourage Vapes In Florida

An Empire State cannabis company is rolling out one of its ten national brands in the Sunshine State.

New York City-based Ayr Wellness today announced the launch of its Entourage vapes in Florida for the state’s medical cannabis market.

As of this weekend, medical cannabis patients in Florida will be able to purchase Entourage vapes at any of Liberty Health Sciences’ 45 dispensaries across the state.

At launch, the Entourage vape line offers three strain-specific varieties: Tahoe OG, 9lb Hammer, and Grape Ape.

The line will launch with 1-gram cartridges but will include syringes in the future.

“Entourage represents the latest of our national brands to be introduced to our 45-store Florida operation,” says Ayr Wellness Founder Jonathon Sandelman. “A crucial aspect of our Florida improvement plan has been to increase the variety of high-quality products available to our patients, and the launch of Entourage, which follows last year’s introduction of Origyn Extracts, Secret Orchard fruit forward vapes, and Sun Gems fruit chews, brings us further towards achieving that goal.”

Ayr says Florida’s medical cannabis market continues to show robust growth as the state’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use reporting more than 695,000 registered patients as of March 18.

Ayr Wellness Senior VP of Marketing Jeff Finnerty says Entourage’s flavorful, broad-spectrum cannabis distillate concentrates are perfect for consumers looking for an elevated vape experience.

“We envision Entourage providing strong options for our customers,” says Finnerty. “Alongside our Secret Orchard vape offerings.”

In addition to Florida, the Entourage brand is also available in Massachusetts at Ayr Wellness’ third-party retail locations.

Ayr Wellness says it plans to make Entourage products available in additional key markets throughout the year.