Cannabics Launches Breast Cancer Research Program

A developer of cancer-related, cannabis-based medicine has launched a research program targeting breast cancer.

Bethesda, Maryland-based Cannabics Pharmaceuticals today announced the research program which focuses on developing new breast cancer antitumor medicine.

Cannabics previously announced a melanoma research program in April.

The company says it is currently also is preparing to submit a pre-IND meeting package and meeting request to the United States Food and Drug Administration regarding its colorectal treatment drug candidate RCC-33.

“We have successfully completed a series of preclinical experiments in out in-house research facilities and have identified promising antitumor results on breast cancer cell lines,” says Cannabics President and COO Gabriel Yariv. “Based on these encouraging results, we now plan further research aimed at developing a new drug candidate for the treatment of breast cancer.”

As the most common invasive cancer among women, Cannabics says breast cancer is also the most commonly diagnosed cancer worldwide, along with lung cancer.

According to the World Health Organization, there were roughly 2.3 million breast cancer cases diagnosed and approximately 685,000 related deaths worldwide in 2020.

Cannabics Co-founder and CEO Eyal Barad says that, through the new research project for breast cancer, the company can leverage its unique experience to develop new antitumor formulas using its drug discovery platform.

“This breast cancer research project is the third cancer treatment project we have launched after colorectoral cancer and melanoma,” says Barad. “And I expect that additional projects will follow in the near future.”

In recent years, Cannabics has been developing cannabinoid-based antitumor treatments for gastrointestinal and other types of cancers.