Changing The Way Marijuana Is Viewed

By: Evita Delgadillo

Instagram:@ cali_raised_rodriguez

The way I view Marijuana is not the same as others view it, of course. I’m pretty easy going and I’ll even throw in a “DANG that smells good!” When it comes to people smoking, I could care less, I absolutely love me some ganja. Then you have all time negative people who have never smoked or have stopped and now did a 360 spin on all of us.  Thank gosh marijuana isn’t viewed the same way as it was 50 years ago.

My upbringing wasn’t centered around smoking all the time, just the fact that there weren’t ever any negative conversations about it. So, of course, raising my own kids I somewhat instilled the same, I don’t lie to them. Just because someone smokes doesn’t make them a bad person. What matters is what they do to prove they are functioning members of society.

So how do you make the conversation about weed with your kids not awkward? Ummmmmm, you can’t be embarrassed to hit this subject head on. I didn’t want my kids to learn about marijuana from anyone but me, I surely didn’t want them to think they have to hide it either. For some of us that know a great deal about the benefits and the properties marijuana has; changing the views of ignorant people is very important because they fail to see what it does for Cancer patients and children with debilitating illnesses with it’s healing components it holds.

I did a paper for a college class that was all about legalization of Marijuana. The responses I got were eye opening and very unexpected. People I thought would be against it were in support of this magical plant and knew the benefits of the helping properties it has. They also supported the vote this past election with their vote. It was educational to research the different countries and laws that some of them were very relaxed on, and the countries you needed to watch you P’s and Q’s in.

We live in a country that used to give us outrageous jail sentences for weed. Activists are out there speaking on behalf of changing these views and laws for people like you and I to enjoy the simple pleasures of a relaxed night with some weed. So I ask you, how do we start to change the views of marijuana?

– Education through communication

– Teaching our children the right views on Marijuana

– Being a responsible smoker around your kids and not falling into the stereotype of the lazy stoner

-Positive vibes all around, even with the negative comments people will say

-You’re not doing anything wrong, you’re enjoying this glorious plant that was given to us by mother earth? Right…