Commissioner Laureen Cummings calls for cannabis reforms in PA

By Cara Anderson

IG: @carajojo

Commissioner Laureen Cummings calls for cannabis reform in Pennsylvania.

Cummings, who recently claimed that she found no evidence of medical cannabis through her Google research, is asking PA lawmakers to deny 420 friendly Pennsylvanians any chance of living their recreational cannabis.

“People that believe some of these reports coming out about opioids going down because of marijuana use are stupid. I’m going to stand by that statement… There’s no proof that this helps medically, other than with nausea.” – Laureen Cummings


Cummings represented Lackawanna County at County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania Annual Conference and Trade Show, which was held in Gettysburg.

Laureen proposed two cannabis reforms, one was to allow individual counties to restrict MMJ or completely opt-out of medical cannabis legalization. The second proposed reform asked the CCAP to oppose adult use cannabis; this proposal was immediately tabled by the committee.

As Lackawanna County’s Commissioner, Laureen Cummings serves a population of about 200,000 people. Yet, she’s asking for reforms that will change the lives of all Pennsylvania’s residents, nearly 13 million people.