Companies Partner For Accurate, Transparent CBD Testing

A free cannabidiol (CBD) testing results platform company has partnered with a national cannabis testing and analysis lab to push for transparency and accuracy in the industry.

Real Tested CBD (Real Tested) has formed an exclusive partnership with KCA Labs to bring transparency to consumers through reliable, unbiased, and accurate testing results.

“Our team at KCA was delighted to be chosen as Real Tested CBD’s laboratory of choice,” says KCA Labs Commercial Director Ryan Bellone. “We believe our partnership will further our goals of helping our industry self-regulate, and providing high-quality products for consumers.”

Real Tested says that many CBD companies have emerged since the 2018 Farm Bill’s passage federally legalized hemp.

But as the CBD industry has rapidly grown, Real Tested says a commonplace lack of transparency has come with it.

“CBD customers should be able to trust any given product’s COA (Certificate of Analysis),” says Real Tested CBD. “But a history of discrepancies between some company COAs and independent lab results shows that is not always the case.”

Real Tested says some third-party labs will report different cannabinoid concentrations than what product labels state, potentially exposing consumers to delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

According to the company, exposure to certain levels of THC may cause a person to fail a pre- or post-employment drug screen, result in criminal charges or job loss.

Real Tested says it focuses on transparency for consumers and providing accurate results because inaccurate test results can have serious consequences for consumers.

According to the company, its partnership with KCA Labs is a call to the industry for reform.

Real Tested says KCA Labs tests at a higher standard than most labs with the most accurate and precise methods.

The quality of KCA Labs’ results is what Real Tested says attracted their attention.

KCA Labs has ISO 17025 accreditation, licensing from the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, and is registered with the United States Drug Enforcement Agency.

Together with KCA Labs, Real Tested says they are looking to set the bar for reliable third-party testing and an improved industry standard for accurate and precise measurements.