Cops Swoop the Coop

By Cara Anderson

IG: @carajojo

A chicken farm in Georgia was raided; 3,500 cannabis plants and more than 100 pounds of cannabis were seized.

Citizen complaints of suspicious activity prompted the Franklin County Sherriff to obtain a search warrant for the chicken farm. The building which held the 3,500 plants was once a large coop and converted into a sizeable grow space with automated lighting, air filtration, and watering systems.

Appalachian Regional Drug Enforcement agent Mitchell Posey estimated the street value of the seized plants and products at $18 million.

It’s not the first chicken farm to be converted into illegal cannabis farm. In 2017, Staffordshire police swooped the coop at Britains “biggest ever” cannabis farm, seizing 3,100 lbs and arresting six people.

Illegality aside, chicken manure is said to be one of the best organic fertilizers.