DCC Unveils New Tool For Cannabis Businesses And Consumers

California has a new online tool to help cannabis consumers and business owners.

On Thursday, California’s Department of Cannabis Control announced the launch of its new webpage-based data visualization tool, which helps consumers find safe and legal cannabis product retailers.

The new tool also assists business owners in finding which cities and counties permit cannabis businesses.

The webpage also includes statewide statistics, a search function, and an interactive map that provides base details about each county’s cannabis policy when clicked.

If any of the information is incorrect, DCC has asked that city or county officials email corrections to locals@cannabis.ca.gov.

Where are Cannabis Businesses Legal in California?

In February, DCC staff worked with the California Office of Digital Innovation to create the map showing that 56 percent of cities and counties in the state prohibit all cannabis businesses types.

According to the data, 44 percent permit at least one cannabis business type.

Additionally, 62 percent of cities and counties prohibit all cannabis retail licensing.

DCC says its new tool underscores licensing challenges in California half-a-decade after voters passed Prop 215.

The Department says it cannot approve applications from places in the state that violate local ordinances or regulations, making local participation vital to access.

DCC says the tool supports ongoing conversations about accessing California’s legal adult-use market.

“This data helps Californians understand the work we have ahead of us in realizing the promises of cannabis legalization,” says DCC Director Nicole Elliot. “Including supporting access to a safe, legal, and equitable cannabis market across the state and combating the unregulated, illicit market.”

DCC says it obtained its data by reviewing local ordinances, gathering information from local jurisdiction websites, and direct contact.

DCC urges anyone who is interested in starting a cannabis business to learn about specific requirements from their local jurisdiction.

To help local jurisdictions with retail licensing, increase consumer access, and expand California’s legal marketplace, Governor Gavin Newsom’s May Revision Budget Proposal designated $20.5 million for a local jurisdiction retail access grant program.

Looking Forward

DCC says it will update the data tool regularly and welcomes stakeholder feedback to improve it.

As it develops additional tools to keep and process licensing and compliance information, DCC says it plans to launch more data projects.