Simplifya Launches Compliance Solutions In West Virginia

A Colorado cannabis software platform for regulatory and advanced operational compliance technologies has expanded operations into a new state.

Denver-based Simplifya today announced that its suite of compliance solutions is available to cannabis businesses in the West Virginia medical cannabis industry.

Simplifya launched its suite of cannabis business compliance solutions in Virginia in August.

West Virginia is the 23rd state where Simplifya has made its services available.

Medical cannabis became legal in West Virginia in 2017 when Governor Jim Justice (D) signed Senate Bill 386 into law.

Cannabis in West Virginia

Under the law, West Virginia residents with serious medical conditions may obtain certification to use medical cannabis.

The law will permit eligible patients to legally purchase cannabis pills, oils, concentrates, topical products, flowers, tinctures, and dermal patches.

According to the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources, the Bureau for Public Health, and the Office of Medical Cannabis, their goal is for qualified patients to be able to obtain quality-tested medical cannabis within two years.

Commercial sales are expected to launch in winter 2022.

Simplifya CEO Marion Mariathasan says that, as West Virginia comes online, understanding regulations can be a huge time commitment for owners, operators, regulators, banks, financial institutions, insurers, and law firms.

“Compliance is a reality of working in the cannabis sector; our suite of easy-to-use compliance tools takes the guesswork out of compliance to ensure that you are on track and can immediately remediate any issues that need to be addressed, saving clients both time and money,” says Mariathasan. “In West Virginia, and in the other 22 states where we are already launched, our team of regulatory experts and software engineers will continue to remain hard at work to keep the ever-evolving, state-specific cannabis regulations updated in real time to remove the burden of compliance off of our customer’s shoulders.”

Simplifya says it designed its cloud-based compliance services software to help cannabis operators maintain compliance and manage risks in the state cannabis market.

Standard Operating Procedures

Among the tools in Simplifya’s compliance suite is its Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), which the company says is designed to help ensure cannabis businesses are running legally, effectively, and efficiently.

Simplifya says that creating the correct SOPs can be long and arduous, so its team of analytical and regulatory experts made generic and license-specific SOP bundles that include everything cannabis businesses need to get started.

The company’s SOP bundle also provides a customizable and comprehensive base to ensure cannabis compliance and meet specific needs.

Simplifya can update specific SOPs and notify clients when changes occur.

The Smart Cabinet

Simplifya describes its Smart Cabinet as a user-friendly, convenient online document storage hub that eliminates the stresses of organizing and storing critical documents.

According to Simplifya, 90 percent of cannabis compliance is documentation, including storage, organization, ensuring documents are current, and producing them at a moment’s notice.

The Smart Cabinet includes a cheat sheet for every document based on a company’s license.

Additionally, the Smart Cabinet offers control over document access and assigning them to employees.

The Smart Cabinet also features a reminder function that sends a notification when a file needs updating.

Self Audit

To help companies determine whether they are operating in compliance with all rules for their license type, Simplifya’s lawyers and regulatory analysts have reviewed state and local regulations to create a simple yes or no checklist.

When the Self Audit discovers a company is in non-compliance, an employee can create an action to fix the issue, assign it, and track it to completion.

The corrected results are stored in a Remediation Report for future reference.

To learn more about Simplifya’s compliance suite, visit the official website.