Eaze Launches Hospitality Service At Historic Fairmont Miramar Hotel In Santa Monica

Cannabis tourism marketing agency, Recreational Embassy announced on Thursday, October 10 a partnership with California cannabis delivery company Eaze to bring high-touch cannabis experiences to luxury hotel guests with the launch of Eaze Hospitality at the iconic Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows in Santa Monica.

Recreational Embassy CEO Lauren Rogers says that the modern luxury travel experience centers around being present, and that cannabis is the key wellness product to make that happen.

Rogers says that Eaze Hospitality reinforces the overlap between the new cannabis consumer and the modern luxury traveler.

The new Eaze Hospitality service is designed to match the luxury cannabis consumer lifestyle and features a concierge service to answer guest questions and support a positive cannabis experience.

“Hotels should have a safe, legal and thoughtful approach to meet the needs of the modern luxury hotel customer,” said Fairmont’s Director of Sales and Marketing Rebecca Huetter. “By partnering with Recreational Embassy, we are able to provide the contemporary level of hotel amenities our guests have come to expect.”

Hotel guests over the age of 21 will have access to customized menus in their rooms featuring low-dose and non-inhaled hemp and cannabis products.

Among the items offered through Recreational Embassy are custom scented Fig CBD-infused bath bombs which were inspired by the Fairmont’s signature fig tree.

Eaze Senior Director of Marketing, Sheena Shiravi says that the new partnership with Recreational Embassy is evidence of the normalization of cannabis and that offering safe and legal in-hotel access at luxury tourism destinations in California reinforces the benefits of incorporating cannabis into everyday life.

The Fairmont is the first property in California to utilize Eaze Hospitality to provide access to legal, compliant, and brand-aligned hemp and cannabis products and services for their guests.