Synchronicity Gets US Hemp Authority Certification

A Colorado hemp company has been certified by a leading independent hemp quality and purity certification organization.

Superior-based Synchronicity today announced that it had received U.S. Hemp Authority (USHA) certification from FoodChain ID.

The company has previously received GMP certification, ISO 9001-2015 certification, and ISO 17025 accreditation.

Synchronicity says the USHA certification validates its adherence to high standards and providing customers with quality hemp products.

“We’re proud to announce we’ve added the U.S. Hemp Authority’s stamp of approval to our unparalleled list of certification,” says Synchronicity CEO Andrew Campbell. “Synchronicity was founded with a compliance-first approach and remains committed to setting industry quality standards and producing the highest quality hemp products for both consumers and retail partners.”

While the rapidly growing hemp and CBD industries are currently federally unregulated, the USHA industry initiative focuses on maintaining consumer and retailer confidence by holding companies to high standards, best practices, and self-regulation.

For certification, the USHA says it requires a full audit and evaluation to ensure companies follow industry standards and best practices.

According to the USHA, standards include strict production requirements such as hemp purity, sourcing, staff training, safety, storage, labeling, and shipping.

Synchronicity President Dr. Steven Kraus says the company has joined a shortlist of hemp companies that have received the prestigious award.

As with our other achievements,” says Dr. Kraus. “We’ll continue to do the work required to raise industry standards and ensure we’re delivering the highest quality products from plant to bottle to human.”