Entourage Health Launches Chews For Medical Patients

A Canadian cannabis producer and distributor has announced the launch of a new line of chewable cannabinoid-infused products exclusively for medical patients.

Toronto-based Entourage Health Corp. today announced its commercial arrangement with Olli Brands Inc. to produce a line of cannabis soft chews.

Entourage describes Etobicoke, Ontario-based Olli Brands as a “highly skilled, third-party, white-label processor widely recognized in Canada for consistently and safely producing premium edible cannabis products.”

The new soft chews will be available under Entourage’s Starseed Medicinal brand on November 20, 2021.

According to Entourage, the soft chews available at launch will come in two-unit packages at a 1:1 (THC:CBD) ratio in strawberry-elderberry, pineapple-tangerine, and lemon-lime flavors.

“Following patient and consumer insights and feedback, our product development team set out to produce choice cannabis ingestibles, partnering with renowned edibles producer Olli Brands to develop flavours and formulations that effectively complement our well-established product portfolio,” says Entourage CEO Joseph Mele. “Recognizing our strength as cultivators with a specialty in cannabinoid extraction, we’re excited to announce the product expansion and launch of our cannabis infused-soft chews lineup specifically formulated for patients looking for alternate dosing and consumption methods.”

Entourage says it recently completed research and development trials with Olli Brands to create multiple product formulations that produced strong and favorable results.

The company says the results could lead to additional product expansion opportunities.

According to Entourage, third-party data indicates the Canadian extract-based product market, including edibles, is worth C$1.5 billion annually.

Entourage says more than 65 percent of Canadians already consume or are interested in edibles, with gummies and soft chews being the preferred edible types.