FETCH A New Line of CBD Pet Products

Press Release, By Megan Bennett

Boulder, Colorado-based Extract Labs has introduced Fetch, a line of full- spectrum CBD products designed just for pets. While similar in composition to the company’s popular hemp tinctures for human consumption, these products are formulated specifically for dogs and cats.

The tinctures (which come in two bottle sizes depending on the size of your pet) contain full-spectrum CBD obtained through CO2 extraction from American- grown industrial hemp. There is no THC (the chemical in marijuana that produces a “high” sensation) and therefore no psychoactive effects. Safe and gentle for beloved pets, each Fetch formula is third party lab-tested for potency and residual solvents. All of the plant material used is tested for heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides.

Numerous international studies suggest CBD may be beneficial for pets with issues such as anxiety, inflammation, seizures generalized pain, nausea and inappetence. CBD itself was even declared to have “no public health risk or potential for abuse” by the World Health Organization earlier this year.

The tincture, which comes in a convenient dropper bottle, can be given twice daily with food. Serving size for cats and dogs up to 25 pounds is 1 ml. Dogs 25 – 65 pounds get 1 – 3 ml, and dogs 65 pounds and up get 3 – 6 ml. Pet owners should work up to full dosage, beginning with one fourth of the recommended dosage and gradually increasing. Prices range from $26 (30 ml) to $44 (60 ml) per tincture.

“The health and happiness of our companion animals is extremely important to all of us at Extract Labs,” said Craig Henderson, Founder. “We are thrilled to put everything we know about the potential of CBD to the service of these valued family members, in formulas we developed especially for them.”

For more information or to order, please visit Fetch.pet.

About Extract Labs Extract Labs was founded by a combat veteran, Craig Henderson, who started the company out of his garage in 2016 after serving in the U.S. Army. He earned a Master’s of Engineering from the University of Louisville and gained industry experience while working as a salesperson and expert instructor in supercritical CO2 extraction. Just two short years later, the company has grown to employ 20 people in its Colorado headquarters and has recently added a second lab in Louisville, KY.

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Extract Labs is dedicated to introducing consumers to the life-changing potential of CBD. The company prides itself on providing the purest, highest quality products at the lowest price point, a promise made possible by keeping every step of production in-house. In keeping with FDA regulations, Extract Labs does not make specific claims, but encourages customers to seek out more information about usage and benefits from trusted third-party sources.

Extract Lab ships nationwide.

For more information, visit www.extractlabs.com. For additional press information or questions please reach out to Chloe Licht at Chloe@lightyearsahead.com or Megan Bennett and Megan@lightyearsahead.com.