Happy High-lloween

It’s the spooky season, and Halloween night is just around the corner.

As the holiday of costumes and candy approaches, spooks everywhere have opened their creaking crypt doors come out for their swinging wakes.

But as kids across the country go from door to door asking for candy and other treats instead of a trick, there’s a bevy of treats made just for adults.

While sugar rushes are what the kids are after, adults are looking for a different kind of high; the kind that only cannabinoids can bring.

To help make your spooky a little more seasoned, here’s some trick-less treats and sympathetic vibrations to help materialize your happy haunts.

22Red cannabis

With some tasty new cannabis strains from System of a Down bassist Shavo Odadjian, hordes of ghosts in haunted houses aren’t the only white and wispy things you’ll see floating through the air this October.

Just in time for Halloween, 22Red has dropped some new strains that will raise your spirits.

The list of scarily-good new strains includes Zmintz, Buttercrunch, Angry Apple, Strangelove, and Primosa.

22Red’s selection of strains is available at Dr. Greenthumb’s, Cookies, MedMen, and more than 80 other dispensaries across California.

Platinum Day of The Dead Gummies

Right after Halloween, many will come together to observe Dia de Los Muertos and celebrate loved ones who have journeyed to the other side.

In honor of the occasion, Platinum is once again offering their Day of the Dead gummies.

Available for a limited time, Platinum’s Indica-dominant Piña de Los Muertos gummy coins feature a sweet tropical flavor.

Each gummy coin is infused with 10mg of THC to provide comfort while you decorate sugar skulls, make Pan de Muerto, visit with the departed, and celebrate with family,

Platinum’s Day of the Dead gummy coins are available at select dispensaries in California and Michigan at a suggested retail price of $20.

Good News Sour Blood Orange Gummies

When it comes to Halloween themes, you can’t escape the season without seeing blood dripping, splattering, oozing, seeping, and smearing across a variety of scenes.

But none of that is very appetizing.

The same can’t be said for Good News’ Blood Orange gummies; they look very appetizing.

The sweet black and orange sugar-coated treats are a temptingly ghoulish delight and a perfect complement to your Halloween party, trick-or-treat trek, or haunted house adventure.

Ten-piece tins of Good News’ 10mg THC Blood Orange are available through November 1 at Columbia Care and Torrey Holistics dispensaries in San Diego, California.

Good Stuff Black Cherry

When it comes to the perfect beverages for your Halloween party, Good Stuff has the right stuff.

For a fall flavor that’s festive and not frightening, look no further than Good Stuff’s new Black Cherry.

Each naturally-crafted, strain-specific bottle has 100mg of THC goodness that you can sip, shoot, or mix into devilishly good cannabis mocktails.

The new Black Cherry flavor is a high CBD hybrid and is the perfect ingredient in Good Stuff’s Old Fashioned recipe.

Bottles of Good Stuff Black Cherry are available at select California dispensaries for a suggested retail price of $24.

Good Stuff Old Fashioned recipe

Chewee’s Caramels

Bobbing for apples is an October tradition, but so are caramel apples.

Perfect for the Halloween season, Chewee’s has some caramel apple treats that you don’t have to bob for and get your head all wet.

Each 100mg package of Chewee’s Caramel Apple candies comes filled with ten pieces of cannabis-infused caramels that are gluten-free, vegetarian, and hand-spread.

Focusing on simplicity, quality, and goodness, Chewies recipe only uses eight ingredients.

The caramels, which also come in Classic Caramel and Sea Salt varieties, are available at dispensaries in Washington and Massachusetts.

Kanha Halloween Mystery Gummies

Just in time for the spooky season, Kanha would like you to try their Halloween Mystery Gummies, made with all-natural flavoring and coloring, zero pesticides, and a deliciously mysterious flavor.

Each 100mg bag contains ten purple pieces that are great for enhancing your pumpkin carving session, horror movie marathon, or Halloween party.

Incredibles Pumpkin

The fall season is not complete without a myriad of pumpkin-flavored treats, spiced or not.

For a gourd experience that will warm your soul like a cannabis-infused Jack-O-Lantern, look no further than incredible’s Pumpkin Pie edibles.

Each 10mg cannabis-infused piece will delight your taste buds with the flavors of pumpkin spice and white chocolate graham cracker.

These candies might even have you replacing your regular pumpkin pie dessert when Thanksgiving rolls around next month.

High Life Farms Nuggies

Toasting marshmallows and making s’mores are tasty traditions that make a campfire ghost story-telling session a complete experience.

But High Life has already done the work of toasting the marshmallows, melting the chocolate, infusing them with THC, and putting them into a bag for your convenience.

And they didn’t even burn the marshmallows.

Having debuted in April, High Life Farms’ Nuggies take the savory and salty goodness of pretzels and coat them with a THC-infused chocolate and marshmallow shell.

Each 100mg bag contains ten pieces.

Left-Handed Cinnamon Sugar

There’s always a lot of candy floating around during Halloween, but there’s also a lot of cookies.

And homemade cookies are the best.

When you start up a cannabis cookie baking session in your kitchen, Left-Handed has just the thing to sweeten up some of your special snickerdoodles or baked banana bread.

Available in 100mg bags, Left-Handed’s THC-infused Sugar with Cinnamon helps you add a cannabis content to your baked goods without having to go through the hassle of making cannabutter.

Bags of Left-Handed THC-infused Sugar with Cinnamon are available at dispensaries in Massachusetts and Washington.

Hervé Chocolate Macrons

If you’re looking for something devilishly-good, Hervé has something that will perk up your horns and tickle your tail.

Perfect for the Halloween season, Hervé’s Chocolate Macarons are an elegant combination of contemporary design, exquisite flavor, and top-quality cannabis distillate.

Each 23-karat gold-swathed macaron contains 10mg of THC and makes for a great Halloween adult treat.

Cannabolish Cannabis Odor Removing Candle

When Halloween ghosts aren’t the only things lingering in the air, you may want to have something handy to exorcise phantom odors.

After a heavy Halloween smoke session with prerolls, pipes, or a bong, Cannabolish can step in to clean the breathing space and smudge stinky scents away.

Rather than cover up unwanted smells, Cannabolish ‘s odor removing candle uses the natural chemistry of plant oils to neutralize odors at the molecular level.

Free of paraffin wax, phthalates, sulfates, and parabens, the candle’s odor-removing plant extracts are released from its heated liquid wax to easily freshen up a room.

Cannabolish’s Cannabis Odor Removing Candle is available online for $14.99.

Have a Happy High-lloween

Whatever your plans are for the Halloween weekend, have a great time, and remember to medicate safely.

Because just like having too much Halloween candy and feeling ghastly and gross, when it comes to edibles, you can always eat more, but you can never eat less.

Happy High-lloween!