Hervé Damas: Pro Athlete’s CBD Doctor

By Benji Garcia-Reyes

IG: @themedimexican


A ‘terrible triad’ injury ended Hervé Damas’ childhood dream of a long NFL career, but it also led him to a new path in wellness, medicine, cannabis activism, and research.  His unique experience as a pro athlete allowed him to experience the many dark sides of the business, including the opioid crisis in many professional sports. Now as a doctor, and trained physician intends to help other former pro athletes with the benefits of cannabis and it’s healing properties and uses.


After tearing his ACL, MCL, PCL, and some meniscus damage, like most players, Hervé Damas hated having to use opioids. He hated the way it made him feel, and at times it was worse than the pain itself. Other players opted for alcohol or other self-medication. It wasn’t until his wife suggested he smoked a “joint” to relax, that he had truly considered it, since he would have been in jeopardy of suspension had he done it while playing.  The cannabis changed his world. It alleviated sleeping problems and psychological issues that had plagued him for years.


His curiosity led him to study pre-medicine at Florida International University, then get his MBA in Health/Healthcare Administration and Management from Davenport University. He also obtained an MD from the Medical University of the Americas.


He has also rallied, educated and treated other former pro athletes on the benefits and healing properties of cannabis.  He is also currently involved in research studies that will explore the benefits of CBD as a pain management tool, for former athletes from contact sports, and mental health. Hervé’s goal is to pound down the doors of major league sports with undeniable beneficial data and let science speak for itself.