Grenade-Shaped Grinder Prompts Airport Evacuation

By Benjie Cooper

IG: @nuglifenews

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The Astor Piazolla Airport in Mar del Plata, Argentina was evacuated Tuesday when an object that appeared to be a grenade was discovered inside.

Upon further inspection of the object, authorities discovered that it was actually just a marijuana grinder that looked like a grenade.

“Someone must have discarded the artifact before boarding on a plane,” head of airport police security Alejandro Itzcovich told a local television station. “It was not an explosive, and now we’re trying to determine who the owner of this object is.”

The evacuation caused several flights to be delayed.

A similar event occurred in 2016 at the Bellingham International Airport in Washington State when Transportation Security Administration (TSA) workers found a grenade-shaped grinder in a man’s carry-on luggage prompting an evacuation of screening and boarding areas and delay of four flights.

Also in 2016, TSA workers at the Sacramento International Airport found a grenade-shaped grinder full of marijuana in a carry-on bag.

According to the TSA, items resembling grenades, and actual grenades are prohibited in either checked or carry-on baggage on all flights.

Image: Argentina Airport Police