How To Use Cannabis to Trap a Mouse

Consulting one can find the eight best ways to get rid of mice. And, four out of those eight have something to do with bait for your mouse traps. But if you aren’t familiar with Marty the Marijuana Mouse then you may not know that cannabis seeds are highly recommended as mouse bait.

In 1974, Marty the Mouse became famous after he made a home for himself in a box of cannabis stored in the evidence room of the San Jose, CA police station. For days leading up to Christmas that year, the local news reported the police department’s failed attempts to catch the culprit. He ignored bacon, peanut butter, cheese, and “Minnie” called Mata Hairy. He became known as Marty the Marijuana Mouse. Only when the police baited a trap with cannabis seeds were they able to lure him out.

Instead of sentencing Marty, he was released to Dr. Ronald Siegel of UCLA’s Center for Health Services to aid in studies of cannabis. He was later returned to San Jose where he became a police mascot. When he died in Nov 1975, the nation mourned.

So next time you catch a rodent in your house, remember Marty the mouse and bait your traps with cannabis.