Jushi Poll Reveals Holiday Cannabis Trends

With cannabis legalization spreading across the United States, there is a rapidly-expanding selection of legal products in a growing number of states.

As the selection of products continues to expand, so does the number of options for Christmas gifts.

Multi-state cannabis operator Jushi Holdings today released the results of its Cannabis Consumer Insights Holiday poll, showing what cannabinoid-powered gifts people are eyeing this season for themselves or others.

Jushi commissioned Pollfish to conduct the poll, which surveyed 1,000 cannabis consumers in states with legal sales.

Cannabis and Christmas

ArtCenter College of Design Associate Professor and Jushi Experience Director Julian Scaff oversaw the poll, which revealed that cannabis consumers over 21 years in adult-use states overwhelmingly (91 percent) plan to consume cannabis during holiday celebrations.

Additionally, Jushi reports that the majority of respondents plan to give cannabis gifts during the holiday season.

The poll also revealed consumers’ favorite cannabis products.

According to the survey, cannabis flowers (52 percent) and pre-rolls (46 percent) were consumers’ combined favorites, followed by edibles (65 percent) and vapes (46 percent).

“As a company that places a premium on leveraging the power of research, data, technologies, and processes, our Cannabis Consumer Insights Holiday poll shares important revelations into how today’s cannabis consumers’ preferences and behaviors are shifting,” says Jushi CEO, Chairman, and Founder Jim Cacioppo. “As we close out the year, we look forward to continuing to share our learnings with the larger community, particularly as the sector rapidly evolves and cannabis consumers shift their behaviors.”

Poll Results

According to poll results, 27 percent reported spending $100 to $150, 25 percent reported spending $50 to $100, and 20 percent reported spending $150 to $200 on cannabis products.

Seventy-six percent of respondents said they plan to give cannabis or related products as gifts this season, and even more said they plan to do so when cannabis is fully legal.

Eighty-eight percent said that they would be more likely to purchase cannabis or cannabis-related products for holiday gifts if cannabis becomes legal across the United States.

According to survey results, 50 percent of respondents listed THC level as the prime factor when choosing a cannabis product, while 49 percent listed price.

Seventy-four percent of respondents said that both brands and specific strains were important or very important factors in choosing cannabis flower products.

Regarding shopping methods, 58 percent said they prefer to shop at a dispensary, 27 percent prefer online ordering, and 16 percent prefer home delivery.

According to Jushi, the numbers indicate an ongoing shift in retail’s digital and physical convergence and COVID-19’s impact on shopping behaviors.

For some, cannabis is a replacement for alcohol as 24 percent of respondents stated they are drinking less, and 15 percent said they stopped drinking entirely and only use cannabis.

Twenty-three percent said they consume more alcohol since using cannabis.

Regarding how people use cannabis, 72 percent said they use it for anxiety and stress, 57 percent use it as a sleep aid, and 54 percent use it to manage pain.