Survey Shows Cannabis Shortage Concerns And Increased Use For Stress During Pandemic

California cannabis company Goldenseed today released the results of a recent survey showing an increase in consumption among regular users and heightened concern that shortages may occur.

On March 29 and March 30, 2020, Goldenseed polled 1,277 Americans between the ages of 21 and 65 to discover the habits of cannabis users during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Of the 438 respondents who indicated that they were cannabis users, 40 percent responded that they were consuming more cannabis than before the outbreak, and 22.6 percent said that they were stockpiling marijuana because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Thirty-five percent responded that they were concerned about a marijuana shortage during the pandemic.

“These results reflect a number of customer trends we’ve been observing since the start of the Coronavirus outbreak,” says Goldenseed co-founder and CEO Scott Goldie. “Chief among these is the consumer concern around limited supplies of cannabis. These concerns are well-founded, as many areas are experiencing increasing demand for product, something we believe will positively impact the cannabis market near-term and perhaps long-term.”

Reasons for increased cannabis consumption among respondents varied, with 37.4 percent using to relieve boredom, 37.4 percent using during virtual or quarantined social activities, and 18 percent using for other reasons.

Stress and anxiety relief was the most common reason given by 73.7 percent of respondents.