Lord Jones Edibles

By Katie Burke

High Times hailed it as the, “best low dose edible for new users.”

If anyone reading this has read my past reviews about edibles, then you would know it always ends with me thinking I’m on a different dimension. I consistently eat too much of said edible. Even when it’s one small piece of candy, I can’t just eat half; I eat the piece of candy.

I attended the last local sesh here in San Diego. I went specifically to purchase a new edible to review. There are a variety of edibles being sold at local sesh, and each is unique. On average, prices range from free-$25 per package. I decided to grab one of each. I was given a free package of THC almonds, and I spent $25.00 on a box of 9 Lord Jones gumdrops. Local sesh was about three weeks ago. This will put into perspective just how long it took me to find the perfect day to sample the Lord Jones gummy. I just ate it this past Monday, Oct. 17. I like to be cautious.

I purchased the box from Bud and Mary’s booth towards the end of the evening. He’s a good guy, and I always support people that support me. I initially thought $25 for gumdrops was expensive. But, when he handed me the box I was confident in the product. It looked like they put some serious cash into the packaging alone. The cardboard gift box was a heavy stock, so it was really clean and sleek. The presentation gave me confidence that this was a legit, professional company. I felt I could trust the product. I do realize that this could be creating a false feeling of security. However, I need something to gauge these edibles, and packaging is what seems to set the companies apart. I made my purchase.

I did eat just the one gummy. The taste of the actual candy was decent. It tasted like a gumdrop. I tasted a little THC but, nothing major. The packaging was very clear stating there’s 90mg THC Natural Fruit Gumdrop Box, Nine 10mg THC Pieces. I figured 10mg per piece would be the perfect amount to start with and it was. Lord Jones, in particular, is known for their superior edibles. High Times hailed it as the, “best low dose edible for new users.” I can agree that the dosage was near perfect for me. However, even a 10mg candy may be a little much for someone new to edibles. A new consumer may want to eat half of the gummy, give it an hour and see how they feel.

On the other end of the price scale, I had a gentleman hand me a free bag of THC almonds. I love almonds, so I was rather pleased with this gift. However, the packaging was sub-par. It was in a vacuum sealed bag, and it had his company name, Instagram address, and the THC amount. I don’t want to reveal his information because I’m not a scumbag and I’m not trying to hurt his venture. When he handed me the bag, he did disclose that it was a new business and he didn’t have a budget for packaging. As an entrepreneur, I completely empathized with him. It’s best to get your product out there and make adjustments as you go. Nevertheless, when it comes to a product a client is eating it may be worth it to find a way to stretch the budget to include better packaging. Most people’s biggest concern with edibles is where they are made. How do we, the consumer know and trust the environment is clean and the ingredients are ok? What if they cook them at home and they own cats? I have nothing against cats but, we have all seen the videos of them on people’s tables and counters, basically every home’s cooking space. This package of Almonds had 250mg THC but, no indication of how much THC would be found per almond. I will reach out to the creator of the medicated almonds and if he agrees to a review than I will eat a few and see what happens. Stay tuned.