Lowell Cafe is America’s First Legal Cannabis Cafe

Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe, which recently opened in Los Angeles, is the first location in the US with a legal cannabis consumption license. The groundbreaking restaurant in Hollywood serves food, non-alcoholic beverages and (of course) a selection of premium pot.

Reservations are not required at Lowell Cafe, but they are highly recommended to avoid disappointment.

As the first restaurant in America where you can legally enjoy cannabis from the comfort of your table, Lowell Cafe opened to much fanfare and booked-out reservations. A month after opening, a 90-minute reservation at the cannabis lounge is much easier to secure, and Lowell Farms’ cafe now welcomes walk-ins.

Lola Lola Transcend hash-infused pre-rolls are on the flower menu at Lowell Cafe.

The weed cafe’s cannabis menu includes flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, infused beverages (including Kikoko teas and infused honey), as well as pre-packaged, lab-tested edibles that are made offsite by licensed manufacturers. We chose a pack of three Lola Lola, hash-infused pre-rolled joints, for convenience and sharing. If we had chosen a form factor that required smoking accessories, Lowell’s cannabis cafe will lend or rent customers a pipe, bong, vaporizer, and rolling papers. While they do not allow customers to bring their own glass smoking accessories to Lowell Cafe for safety reasons, visitors are welcome to bring and consume their own cannabis for a $30/per person “tokeage fee” (like a corkage fee for bringing your own wine).

The food menu, which is not infused with THC, includes salads, sandwiches, snacks, desserts, and a variety of beverages. I started with a vanilla float and the mac and cheese bites and had a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. Everything was good, not outstanding. My friends ordered Lowell Cafe’s take on street corn: corn with sugar pops, hot Cheetos, cheese, and bacon. I’m pretty sure this was intended to represent a quintessential munchies concoction, but it was a step too far for me, personally.

Gorgeously decorated Lowell Cafe could pass for a typical, trendy American restaurant.

Was it the best lunch I’ve ever had? No. Am I glad I went to a cannabis restaurant? Absolutely! And I’ll definitely be back in the future. Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe is a huge step towards de-stigmatizing cannabis use in a post-prohibition world (or, for now, state). The bright, airy cannabis lounge with indoor and outdoor seating and living walls flips the script on old marijuana prejudices. Lowell Cafe isn’t hiding in a dark, smoky basement with no signage and a super-secret stoner password to get in. Save for the consumption, it could pass for any other trendy WeHo restaurant. A non-consumer could enjoy a repast at America’s first cannabis restaurant without encountering dazed and confused stereotypes or even feeling slightly hotboxed.

Enjoy cannabis – and a beautiful California afternoon – on Lowell Cafe’s outdoor patio.

Through their cannabis cafe, Lowell Farms is normalizing cannabis use, so that one day going to a restaurant like Lowell Cafe could be as normal as going to a restaurant that serves alcohol. What’s more, Lowell Cafe participates in the company’s Social Equity and Reparative Justice Program by hiring “non-violent cannabis offenders” who were unfairly impacted by prohibition. These steps are vital to creating a more open and more accepting world for recreational and medical users alike.