Maine Releases Totals For First Month Of Adult-Use Cannabis Sales

Adult-use cannabis retailers in Maine have broken the million dollar mark in their first month of legal sales.

Maine legalized adult-use cannabis in 2016 with the passage of the Marijuana Legalization Act and distributed the first conditional licenses in March of 2020 after Governor Janet Mills signed LD 719 in 2019 to establish a regulatory framework.

The state issued the first active licenses for cultivation facilities, retail outlets, and a testing facility in September, and the adult-use market officially launched on October 9.

The COVID-19 outbreak in early 2020 caused a delay in the original plans for the market’s launch.

Regulators at Maine’s Office of Marijuana Policy (OMP) on Monday announced preliminary sales data from the first month of adult-use cannabis sales, revealing that retailers grossed approximately $1.4 million in 21,194 transactions during that time.

According to the state’s inventory tracking system, Metrc, 76 percent of sales were for cannabis flower, 14 percent were for concentrates, and 10 percent were for infused products.

While three new adult-use retailers opened for business in November, the current data is from the sales of six retailers from October 9 through November 8.

“While it is easy to focus solely on the numbers, it is important to note that the Office of Marijuana Policy’s primary objective is maintaining the high standard of public health and safety we have set for the adult use program,” says OMP Director Erik Gundersen. “We appreciate the commitment our licensees have demonstrated to enact COVID protocols to ensure a safe launch and their continued commitment to these efforts in light of the recent spike in COVID cases in Maine.”

In addition to the adult-use system, the OMP is responsible for the Medical Use of Marijuana Program as well.

The OMP has added the first round of adult-use cannabis sales totals to its transparency dashboard, which will be updated monthly with the previous month’s totals.

According to the OMP, the sales data, which has not been audited, is preliminary in nature and subject to further revision.

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