Premium Genetics From Seed Vault of California

Seed Vault of California is a domestic cannabis seed bank that is providing the genetics for home growers to save money and harvest premium cannabis. Under Prop 64, all adults 21 and older in California are allowed to grow six cannabis plants, and Seed Vault of California encourages Californians to take advantage of that freedom.

Seed Vault of California offers a wide variety of cannabis seed packs, in fact, over 200 different types of untampered, original breeder seed packs. They are authorized distributors of world-famous genetics such as CSI Humboldt, Bodhi Genetics, and Symbiotic Genetics to name a few. Plus, Seed Vault of California, the bank’s own private breeder collection packs that come with rolling papers.

If you’re wondering just how to get started with your own homegrow, Seed Vault of California offers discreet delivery and worldwide shipping. Seed Vault of California’s seed bank is based in San Diego and their staff accommodates meet-up or in person deliveries for local customers. On top of selling you seeds, Seed Vault of California’s customer service team provides helpful insights in both Spanish and English to hopeful growers.

One of the main sources of motivation for the company is giving customers the confidence to take their cannabis seeds and turn them into the best bud possible. They’re happy to point San Diego locals in the direction of the right hydroponic stores to buy lights, nutrients, pesticides, and fungicides to keep crops in tip-top shape. The love that Seed Vault of California has for cannabis, healing, and education is unparalleled. Seed Vault of California’s owner and founder, Volunteer Jay, calls it a “passion for compassion.”

The proof is in the pudding. According to J, there’s a slew of return customers, or growers rather, who have remained loyal to Seed Vault of California for the past ten years as a result of the abundant harvests and successful cannabis plants they’ve yielded with Seed Vault of California packs.

“We’re happy they are saving money… and when I bump into my customers a few months later at a trade show or sesh it always brightens my day when they blaze one with me or better yet throw me a nug from the plants that grew from our seeds,” says Volunteer Jay.

Seed Vault of California seeds are available in regular or feminized seeds. Some of Seed Vault of California’s most popular strains are Katsu Pakistani, Chemdog Pakistani, Diesel Pakistani, and Gorilla Piss. They’re currently offering new packs such as Erkle/Kush Cleaner and Berry White x 707 Chem Dawg.

As for the Seed Vault of California staff’s favorites, they love the purps, SFV OG Kush, and Romulan.


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If you aren’t sure what strain is right for you, the Seed Vault of California staff is excellent with giving suggestions and explaining the benefits of the genetics they carry. Some people do request CBD/hemp seeds from Seed Vault of California, however, most people look to the seed bank for strong THC varieties and the various terpene profiles that their seeds can grow.

Seed Vault of California has been around for a decade and is the United States’ first domestic cannabis seed bank. In the beginning, Seed Vault of California was started to fulfill the lack of affordable and ways for people to grow their own quality cannabis.

Years back, Volunteer Jay, Seed Vault of California’s founder, says he read a San Diego Union-Tribune interview with then-District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis. Dumanis talked about how cannabis was illegal, but that medical cannabis patients were allowed to grow their own medicine. SDUT asked Dumanis if she knew where patients could get safe access to cannabis seeds or clones to grow their own, and she had no answer.

What the Dumanis interview showed was medical cannabis patients’ need for access to materials for quality cannabis home grows, plus the lack of transparency to the public about where to purchase genetics.

“It seemed like, at the time, everyone wanted to sell MJ patients cannabis flower for 50 to 60 bucks per eighth, but no one wanted to show them how to grow, where to get the seeds or clones, and where to get the grow equipment,” said Volunteer Jay.

Volunteer Jay started a clone collective, Holistic Nursery Clone Collective, shortly transitioning the business into a seed bank as seeds have a longer shelf life and are cleanlier. Clones can carry spider mites or powdery mildew which harm cannabis plants.
Seed Vault of California is grateful to be a part of the history and future of cannabis. Volunteer Jay is looking forward for the cannabis industry’s progression and growth, and predicts it will be much like craft beer. He adds, “Those who invest in their brand, packaging, and great seed pack genetics will harvest abundant craft quality frosty buds and really stand out amongst the corporate mids entering the industry.”

To keep up with Seed Vault of California and find out where they’ll be next, follow them on Instagram @seedvaultofca1 or Facebook. Seed Vault of California’s current offerrings are available on their site,, and you can contact the seed bank directly for packs by emailing