MedMen Rec in LA

This weekend, my friend flew in from Philly, where MMJ just recently became legal. Naturally, she wanted to check out a recreational dispensary, so we shot over to MedMen on Santa Monica Boulevard.

From the outside, MedMen West Hollywood is super inviting; bright, bustling, and happy customers trailing out. There was a line going down the block and continuing past an intersection, which made me hesitant. I’ve seen lines of people waiting outside of clothing stores on Fairfax, and I always think “I’m too old for that.”

However, I’m not too old to wait in line for a recreational dispensary. The waiting patrons were diverse, older primly dressed couples, bros, tourists, as well as 20-somethings like my girls Alex, Erinn, and I. The line wasn’t too bad; we waited for about twenty minutes before entering the store.

MedMen checks your ID at the door; it’s a recreational dispensary, so there is no need to have a medical card. Once the bouncer lets you inside, your card is checked by the front desk and they scan it.

Immediately, it feels like you’re in an Apple Store. Everything was clean, and customers were wandering around in wonder. MedMen’s long wooden tables have inlaid showcases of their products. Wax, edibles, oil, and pre-rolls. Flower is displayed in clear containers; the container lids had hatches that you can flip open to smell the bud as well as magnifying lenses for inspecting the quality. Each showcase has an iPad with the product information, like THC levels, terpenes, and doses. The iPads are super helpful if you’re browsing- but the store associates are even better.

I spoke with three different MedMen associates that helped me find the products that worked for me. Some of the products didn’t have price tags, so unless you are shopping without a budget, it’s important to be able to have a free associate to guide you. Despite the store being visibly busy, I was impressed with MedMen staff’s ability to provide concise, unrushed, and thorough advice.

I was initially looking at the dosist (formerly hmbldt) pens. Dosist has excellent packaging, and their vapes vibrate when you’ve inhaled a full dose. The vibration feature is great for keeping track of how many hits you’ve taken and how many doses are left in the pen. Dosist pens come with cute names like “arousal” and “calm” that are specifically formulated to help you achieve the high you desire for that perfect occasion.

I decided to go with a dompen leaf hybrid pen; a disposable vape that has 500 mg of THC and runs for $35.

I also scooped a milk chocolate candy bar by Défoncé Chocolatier; the full chocolate bar has 90 mg.

MedMen’s checkout line moved smoothly, and they put your purchased products in resealable bags that allow you to transport your goodies safely. From what I’ve tried, all of the products that MedMen carries are premium quality and decently priced.

Overall, I was super pleased with my experience at MedMen. Their customer service is perfect, and their array of products is appealing to first-timers as well as knowledgeable stoners. I felt high when I walked out of the store, but it had to be a psychological effect of the ambiance as there is no consumption allowed on premise.


There’s really no harm to be done with recreational. When we got back to Alex’s house, she, Erinn, and I tried our products and set ourselves up for a weird night. Sure, I looked over and realized Erinn had eaten a lot of chocolate and was analyzing every breath. Sure, at one point I realized Alex was wrapped in a long cheetah print jacket and slipping through a crowded dance floor as if she were an undercover spy. Sure, I caught myself eating six tacos solo in a parking lot while my friends waited in line to enter a bar.

Point is, even if you don’t have medical purposes for cannabis, the worst thing that may happen is ending up at a bar that’s strictly playing early 2000’s DDR throwbacks.