Michigan Gov. Whitmer Signs D8 THC Regulation Legislation

On October 11, Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency will begin regulating cannabis products.

Legislation regulating cannabidiol (CBD) derivative Delta-8 THC, which is often sold in convenience stores, gas stations, and smoke shops in Michigan, was signed on this month by Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

According to the Governor’s Office, the products will be controlled by the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) beginning on October 11. As a result, adult-use and medical cannabis products cannot currently be sold. Still, products were accessible for sale to people of all ages by businesses that are not licensed to sell adult-use or medical cannabis products.

“This package of bills continues to show Michigan is the model for the nation in regard to protecting its residents and making sure that those who consume marijuana products do so in a safe manner,” said Governor Whitmer. “I am glad to see Michigan continuing to lead on the implementation and regulation of a safe, secure marijuana industry, which has already brought tens of millions of dollars in new tax revenue to the state, as well as thousands of well-paying jobs.”

The bills signed into law include House Bill 4745, which was sponsored by Representative Jim Lilly (R-Park Township). The bill will make it possible for people in Michigan to participate in the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program via telemedicine.

Also signed by Governor Whitmer, HB 4517 will exclude tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) from the definition of THC so long as the Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) determines, based on specific criteria, that there is no potential for abuse.

HB 4741 amends the Industrial Hemp Growers Act to modify the definitions of “industrial hemp” and “marihuana,” and the definition of “THC.”

HB4742, sponsored by Representative Tenisha Yancey (D-Grosse Pointe), amends the Marihuana Tracking Act to change the definition of “marihuana.”

Under HB 4743, which was sponsored by Rep. Julie Calley (R-Portland), the definitions of “marihuana” and “industrial hemp” are modified in the Public Health Code.

House Bill 4744, sponsored by Rep. Richard Steenland (D-Roseville), modifies the definitions of “industrial hemp” and “THC” under the Industrial Hemp Research and Development Act.

House Bill 4746, sponsored by Rep. Roger Hauck (R-Mt. Pleasant), modifies the definition of “marijuana” in the Michigan Liquor Control Code.

“We applaud Governor Whitmer’s decision to sign this package of bills into law,” said Michigan Cannabis Industry Association Executive Director Robin Schneider. “Regulating Delta 8 rather than banning the product is a smart and progressive move that is in the best interest of public health and safety. We are grateful that medical marijuana patients will have improved access to their certifying physicians and that state licensed cannabis businesses will have clearer standards and improved liability insurance coverage.”

To combat delta-8, an MRA supporter has created a short document covering Delta-8 THC in depth.

Original article: https://www.clickondetroit.com/news/michigan/2021/07/14/michigan-gov-whitmer-signs-marijuana-legislation-regulating-delta-8-thc-products/