Newsom Signs Bill To Create Department Of Cannabis Control

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 141, creating the Department of Cannabis Control (DCC).

Three departments will merge into a single department as a result of Assembly Bill 141.

The Department of Food and Agriculture’s CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing Division, the Department of Public Health’s Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch, and the Department of Consumer Affairs’ Bureau of Cannabis Control merged regulatory, licensing, and enforcement functions previously performed by three state departments.

Governor Gavin Newsom’s proposal to create a separate cannabis department is part of a more extensive effort to improve licensing access, simplify regulatory monitoring, and encourage California businesses.

Newson Signs Bill To Create Department Of Cannabis Control

Since creating the Business, Consumer Services, and Housing (BCSH) Agency in 2013, this step constitutes the most substantial consolidation and reform of state agencies. It results from an 18-month effort by officials from more than ten state agencies. Moreover, it incorporates feedback from stakeholders and legislators.

California Leads To Progressive Marijuana Legislation

“California has led the nation in progressive cannabis legislation, starting 25 years ago as the first state to authorize medicinal use of cannabis,” Governor Newsom stated. “We’ve taken another important step forward in realizing the benefits of legalizing and improving service to all Californians. We will continue to develop a diverse and inclusive sector, protect the consumer and public safety, protect the environment, and enhance small business economic opportunity.”

BCSH Agency Secretary Lourdes Castro Ramirez says the state’s consolidation effort fulfills Newsom’s promise to listen to and work with California’s legal cannabis industry to simplify participation in the legal market by providing a single point of contact for licensed operators.

“Building robust, equitable, and dynamic communities is one of our agency’s major responsibilities,” says Ramirez. “This ingenuity is a huge step towards the right direction,”

All commercial cannabis licensees in California, including cultivators, retailers, manufacturers, distributors, testing laboratories, microbusinesses, and industry event organizers, will be regulated by the DCC.

DCC will also oversee the state’s track-and-trace system designed to track cannabis and cannabis products across the legal supply chain, from seed to sale.

DCC Launches California Cannabis Portal

Officials debuted the new logo and website today. A modern rendition of a cannabis leaf appears in the logo.

The interlaced design of the leaf is a visual symbol of the three programs’ unity and the collaborative attitude with which DCC plans to engage businesses and stakeholders.

The DCC website was relaunched as the California Cannabis Portal, It will continue to serve as a consolidated online location for cannabis information.

In collaboration with the California Government Operations Agency’s Office of Digital Innovation (ODI), the website was renovated and overhauled to be more accessible and better serve Californians.

While content is being moved, the public will still view the previous websites for the three licensing bodies.

For several months, old staff email addresses would redirect to their new DCC email address.

While the Department of Cannabis Control has officially begun operations, there is still a lot of work to be done. Consequently, more information will be released in the coming months.

California’s Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) issues permits and supervises commercial cannabis operations. In addition, DCC collaborates with businesses and local governments to build a vibrant legal cannabis sector that is safe and equitable.

DCC creates and implements progressive cannabis policies that include robust public health, safety, and environmental safeguards.