Personal Growing in Washington State

Personal growing in Washington State

By Jason Marcuz

Up until now, residents of Washington State could grow marijuana for medical use only. The state closed all its marijuana dispensaries, medical users are the only ones who can legally grow a small number marijuana plants without registering with the authorities. The requirements are as follows;

  1. Weed growing is allowed but only for medical use.
  2. Only four marijuana plants can be grown without registration.
  3. Communal gardens are permitted.
  4. The minimum age allowed is 21.
  5. While encouraged, registration is not mandatory.

New law expands marijuana growing

A new state law was passed that expands the homegrown marijuana market for registered medical users. The law, officially known as SB 5131 was signed into law by Governor Jay Inslee will take effect from 23rd June 2017. According to this new law, medical marijuana registered patients will be able to buy marijuana clones, immature plants, and seeds from state-licensed marijuana producers.

The aim of this law was to fix a lacuna within the previous law. That law stated that residents needed a producer’s license to cultivate marijuana for personal or recreational use. The same law permits medical marijuana patients within the state to grow up to 4 marijuana plants but does not provide a legal means of obtaining the seeds or plants. This is the lacuna that existed within the law. Fortunately, it has been fixed and now registered marijuana patients can legally buy and plant their own weed.

Marijuana law in Washington

State law in Washington allows adults above the age of 21 to buy marijuana from retail stores. In fact, marijuana for medicinal and recreation use was legalized here back in 2012. This was through Initiative 502. Doctors are also able to authorize personal use of medical marijuana for patients with certain qualifying conditions. Such patients can have their names entered into a database operated by the state and then receive a card from the state government.

With the new law, all marijuana patients now have the right to grow marijuana for their own use. Those not registered can only grow four plants, but registered patients with a card are allowed to grow more. Recreational users, however, have no such rights and cannot grow their own weed. The new law allows registered cardholders to purchase seeds, plants or clones from licensed producers. Those without a card can only buy seeds. It is in Washington State only where marijuana for recreational use s allowed, but users cannot cultivate marijuana for their own person use. Hopefully, this will be addressed in due course of time.