Psychedelic Renaissance

By: Gus

At its very root, therapy is the process of working through problems using conversation, analytical prowess, and logic. The idea is that by speaking to a therapist about your problems, the therapist might be able to help you understand why it is that your problems are bothering you in the way that they have manifested. Generally, all that a therapist is doing is helping you find yourself, helping you figure out the “why” to your concerns. Trying to help someone find serenity within is not an easy task, due to the fact that there is a giant wall called the Ego keeping the patient from reaching the bliss we are all chasing.

Therapy can be extremely effective on its own, but the limitation of the human condition allows therapy to be only as effective as the client will allow it to be. Many therapists and life coaches deal with patients who know they need the help, but don’t take the help to the degree that they should be taking it. This leads to therapists getting fed up and simply giving the patients pills to numb the pain and anxiety of life, that is no way to live.

This brings us back to the idea of the Ego. You see, as a human, you are composed of two or three different pieces, depending on your beliefs. We all have a body, we all have a mind, and some of us also choose to have a “spirit” or “soul”, some sort of special life force that we can’t really describe.

Your body will never lie to you; your body is a primal biological miracle that you have been given as a gift. Your body will always tell you when there is something wrong by manifesting pain and suffering into your life. Your body is nothing but flesh and guts, working in unison until the day it finally shuts off. The body is easy; there are very clear choices to be made when there is something wrong with the body. You either go through a procedure, or take the proper medication regimen, or don’t, and let the body go frail.

The mind, the mind, oh, the mind. That mind is no simple beast. If you are reading this right now, you know how deep the deep labyrinth can be, a twisted mess of thoughts, ideas, and confusion. Our mind is our life’s dictator; it has the power to control just about every action that isn’t regulated by your endocrine system. Even then, your mental state can play a direct role in your physical health, as stress and anxiety can easily manifest themselves in the form of countless physical problems. But most importantly the Ego lives here, in the mind.

The Ego is a very important survival mechanism, it makes you care about yourself by identifying in yourself. You know you are you, therefor you do not want the “you” to ever die, or be made fun of, or be made less of, or be cut off on the 805. See, that is where the problem starts, we are monkeys, we still have primal urges and desires, we have not transcendent to some omniscient being that is one with all of reality, space, and time. We still care about silly petty shit.

Psychedelics help melt the ego away. Some of you may have heard of the term “ego-death”, which is an end goal for many psychonauts. Ego-death is the feeling of your ego literally dying. When you experience such a thing, you literally are no longer John, or Mary, or David, or Jenny, or whatever mouth sound your parents decided to name you, or everything that is attached to that persona. At this point, you are simply one with it all, it allows you to view your problems and issues with zero attachment. When you are able to view your problems and paranoid thoughts without attachment and only logic, you are able to assimilate and come to peace with yourself.

So, if these psychedelic chemicals are so amazing, why not just take it and be fixed?

Well you see, some people will be able to easily do this, some people are born with an affinity for psychedelics and will have zero issues using them on their own. They will be able to assimilate the situation and incorporate it into their lives in a positive way. Unfortunately, most people are not able to handle such experiences on their own and can benefit from having a guiding hand during the moments of psychedelic enlightenment. This is where the “therapist”, the “shaman”, the “coach” steps in. There is a wide network of Psychedelic Assisted Therapy not only in San Diego, but also all over our country.

Now keep in mind this is nothing new, entheogenic and shamanistic practices are something that has been part of human culture long before society signed over their souls to social media and pain killers. People have been visiting shamans and other spiritual leaders for this service since way before the Bronze Age was even a concept in the cave dwelling humanoids. Unfortunately, our modern society is ran by lobbyist with quite a bit of interest in making sure that the “Big Pharma” owns us. Luckily, we are currently going through a Psychedelic Renaissance as more and more people are learning the benefits of these ancient practices.

If you’d like to know more about these practices or looking to find help yourself, please send an email to . In this email, please include as much personal information as you wish to share (first name, age are a must, but I would love to know about your education, relationship status, or anything else that is interesting about you), your current drug use, your history with psychedelics.

I would also like a brief explanation of what problems you are looking to resolve, or what experiences you are looking to have, as well as the other methods of therapy or self help you have used to try to resolve your problems.