Quiver Fabrications

Travel pipe setups and configurations are part of daily cannabis users everyday carry, and a sturdy piece can bring about satisfying dabs and draws for years to come. Aside from conventional glass, there are a few other options to choose from such as ceramics, certain metals, specialty silicone, and a list of other available materials, each offering its own advantages and disadvantages.

For those in need of a sturdy/reliable travel piece, or in need of a delivery device that can withstand the daily needs of the adventurous cannabis consumer, check out what Quiver Fabrications has to offer. Based out of Denver, Quiver Fabrications has been selling their line of durable titanium products since December 2017. For the unfamiliar, the use of quality sourced titanium has been widely regarded throughout the dabbing industry due to its durability and biocompatibility.

Quiver Fabrications flagship product, better known as the Summit, is a beaker style water pipe made from quality 6/4 titanium. With simplicity and functionality in mind, the Summit has been pre-designed to accommodate their included ‘Merapi’ 14mm male flower bowl or any 14mm male bowl/banger attachment the user prefers to use. Additional features include a fixed downstem to maintain one single durable piece, an attachable utility ring that makes for easy connectivity to a tether, carabiner, etc., and a special heat band can be used to wrap around the flower bowl to protect the user’s fingers from built-up heat during continuous uses.

For the dabbing connoisseur, Quiver Fabrications also supplies the necessities. Starting with the ‘Kenai’ 14mm male domeless nail (made from GR1 titanium) and matching ‘Denali’ carb cap/dabber. When needed, the top side of the carb cap can be used upside down (without the dabber) to accommodate banger style nails as well. There’s also the Wasatch titanium cap to provide directional control, which can be used in a variety of different configurations.

Those already in possession of an 18mm female bong or dab rig that’s in need of an attachment can try Quiver Fabrications ‘DTH’ (Door to Hell) flower bowl or the ‘Lava Falls’ domeless nail with increased dish size and longer heat retention. There’s also the QF ‘Safety Meeting’, which is a chillum style pipe that is perfect for everyday cannabis carry. (Note: Due to the Safety Meeting’s round end mouthpiece, it can be used in unison with either the QF Summit or any standard 14mm female water pipe.)

“We stand by the quality and craftsmanship of our products and our Summit carries a lifetime warranty for the original owner against any manufacturer defects.”