San Diego Medical Supply

Supporting our veterans with products and services that are specially designed for veterans. Our flower is bred and grown to achieve the maximum medicinal effect. We do constant research on strains that deliver specific effects and breed them accordingly. These hybrid strains are designed for particular ailments that veterans deal with such as PTSD, chronic pain, insomnia, and depression. When we started, we decided to create “veterans only” strains. These strains are available only to veterans with proof of service for the first six months after release. After the initial six months, they are released to the general MMJ community. We strive to produce amazing strains that eliminate the need for pharmaceuticals.

Due to the need in the veteran community,  we are heavily involved with the Weed For Warriors Project. We contribute both donations and service. Being a veteran myself, I chose to head up the WFWP San Diego chapter. The WFWP holds a monthly meeting to give veterans the opportunity to socialize with like-minded vets. Discussing issues that affect us, in a medicated environment, helps us work through some of the most severe of problems. I would like to invite any MMJ veterans to attend. WFWP operates 100% on donations, so we welcome any contributions from companies looking to get involved. If you would like to participate in a meeting or donate, please contact me on Instagram @sd_medicalsupply or @wfwp_socal_san_diego.