Simplifya Launches Cannabis Compliance Platform In CT

An American regulatory and operational compliance software platform for the cannabis industry has launched in Connecticut.

Denver, Colorado-based Simplifya announced the launch this week, expanding the company’s footprint to 25 states.

Included in Simplifya’s compliance suite are the Simplifya Standard Operating Procedures & Good Manufacturing Practices, Simplifya Smart Cabinet, and Simplifya Self Audit.

The company says it designed its platform to help cannabis businesses stay compliant with current laws and cost-effectively manage risks.

“Our mission is to simplify regulatory compliance for Connecticut operators, especially during a time when the state is expected to see significant regulatory changes,” says Simplifya CEO Marion Mariathasan. “As Connecticut prepares for adult-use cannabis, out suite of compliance solutions will help ensure new and existing businesses are running efficiently, effectively, and legally, producing documents for an inspection at a moment’s notice and easily streamlining cannabis compliance efforts, so operators can spend more time on what they’re really passionate about: cannabis.”

The Connecticut medical cannabis program began in June 2012, following Governor Dannel Malloy’s signing of decriminalization legislation one year prior.

After three bills failed to pass in 2018, Connecticut finally legalized adult-use cannabis in 2021.

As of March 2022, Connecticut has yet to fully implement its adult-use system.

According to Simplifya, Connecticut plans to start retail sales by the end of the year and has opened the first application round for certain licenses.