Strain Review: Sour Diesel

Strain Review: Sour Diesel

By: Nikki Walls, Ms. Major Blazer


Grade: B+

100% Sativa

THC Content: 12.7% Total

From: Private Grower

Appearance & Smell: Sour Diesel is one of the most classic marijuana strains around. Skunky lemon mixed with diesel undertones, making it true to its name. Smokers who enjoy truly odorous strains will fall in love with its taste and aroma. The dense, long, dark forest green nugs are permeated with purple hairs throughout and topped with a beautiful yellow tinge.

Feel & Advantages: Popular with medical patients, Sour Diesel is quickly becoming recreational users’ favorite go-to when looking for a weed that won’t weigh them down or interrupt with daily activities. It brings a heavy head high with low body sensations which is amazing for everyone from creatives to professionals. Anyone looking for a great mellow strain that’s uplifting and medicating to your soul, Sour Diesel is a winner.