Stress Management

By: Tiffany Shakib

Sometimes it seems like the universal language is not love but stress. In today’s modern environments, stress seems to be the only constant and the great common denominator among all people regardless of age, sex, background, or religion. Everybody experiences stress, and usually, too much of it. What can we do about stress? What are the ways around this roadblock to happiness and freedom?

Stress is first and foremost in the mind. Our thoughts about something stress us out. Change your thoughts, and you can change your level of stress. So, how can you change your thoughts? There are lots of ways to accomplish this.

Go for a Walk or Jog Outside Your Work or in your Neighborhood

Sometimes just a little bit of fresh oxygen in your bloodstream can lift your mood and change your thoughts. Moving your body will produce new hormones and encourage you to feel lighter. With an improved mood, you may be able to expand your perspective on issues that are bothering you at work, or in personal relationships.

Look at photos of Babies or Nature

Looking at photos which are perceived as innocent, such as photos of babies or nature can shift your perspective from the mind to the center of your heart. This shift from thinking center to heart center can alter your cluttered mental energy and clear your mind. Looking at images which are inherently innocent, can remind you of your own basic nature, which is innocent and clean, thereby relaxing your mind.


There are many guided meditations on Youtube if you find it difficult to unplug from your own thoughts and simply observe them. Meditation can bring a deep sense of peace and relaxation. In today’s technological environment, it is possible to take a 5 minute guided meditation break anywhere. Simply plug your earphones into your phone or laptop, and unplug from everything for just 5 minutes, and you will see your stress levels decrease.

Text or Talk to a Friend

It may seem natural to text or talk to a friend or loved one and complain about your stress or what is bothering you. But instead, send them some positivity and ask them how they are doing or feeling, and make them feel less stressed out. The brain cannot give something it does not have, so if you make a loved one feel better, you will automatically feel better too. Your brain’s logic is, that it can only give what it has – if it has given away great vibes, then it also possesses those great vibes! Voila – stress levels decreased.

If you begin to incorporate just a few of these techniques into your day, which can be practiced from almost anywhere, work or home, you will begin to change your tendency to feel stressed out. For more helpful information or tips, or to book a private coaching session with the author, check out