The beauty of CBD.

By Chelsea Hanks

IG: @csh420

A few Tuesdays back whilst applying my make up/ trying to make myself look relatively human. CBD products amongst cosmetics on the table, contemplative of what cream or concealer to attempt and fail to hide the unavoidable spots on my face with.

The answer was simple and had been in my make up bag the whole time.

CBD, obviously.

Seeing as it has fixed at least 99% of the problems I had used it for so far, I thought there was no harm in trying. After applying a small amount of the 1000mg whole plant extract paste from Black sheep dispensaries to the necessary areas I patiently waited to see if it would work. One cup of tea, forty minutes and a fabulous smelling face later. The spots had visibly improved, there was barely any redness and the inflammation had significantly reduced.

I was astonished to see the next morning that even without reapplication there was almost no trace of a spot or a single blemish on my face. Is there anything CBD can’t fix?

So during my morning routine that day I ditched the micellar water and primer in favour of  CBD gold oil drops before applying my makeup. The glow up was real! My face felt so much more hydrated and fuller My eyebrows looked visibly nourished and the oil was so lightweight on my face in comparison to most products I would usually use.

CBD oil has proved itself to be a staple to my make up bag as well as my life.

So girls ( and guys no discrimination here) instead of just a daily supplement you might want to consider CBD as a makeup bag essential too!