The New Mexico Hemp Industry

By Frank G. Shineman

New Mexico’s state government has been considering legalizing hemp production since 1998.  A partial reason for this unnecessarily long process is misinformation.  It has been mainly staid, stalwart, government officials who have believed that hemp is just another name for marijuana, therefore their hesitation. The truth is, although the plants are similar, their effective uses vary widely. Indeed the main fact that government officials have ignored is that hemp only has .3% of the THC of the marijuana consumed by aficionados of commercial marijuana.  Largely, the motivation from all sides to promote and develop commercial hemp is because of so many commercial uses of hemp; none of them related to marijuana consumption.  Some of the more common uses of hemp are for paper, paint, construction, plastics, health, food, and fuel.

In legislation as recent as 2015, The New Mexico House approved hemp cultivation by a vote of 55-13.  The New Mexico Senate approved the same legislation known as Senate Bill 94 by a vote of 33-8. The original bill was sponsored by State Senator McSorley from Bernalillo, N.M.

In the process of more in-depth research for this report, I encountered Facebook @NewMexicoHemp.  I would like to relay some interesting facts to our readers about New Mexico Hemp that they might not have known.  After all, our mission at Candid Chronicle is to inform and educate the public in general in a responsible way about all the aspects of cannabis.  Whether you choose to consume cannabis socially or use CBD products for medical purposes, please allow us to be your source for pertinent information.

Not only will these important facts educate you and your loved ones but will demonstrate your knowledge to friends and associates but can also directly benefit your quality of life if you choose to apply them.  All of the following facts were found on Facebook @NewMexicoHemp.  Permission was requested by the writer to use this information.

Facts About Hemp

– CBD should not be restricted because CBD is not addictive nor does it have the potential for abuse or use for psychoactive purposes.

– The States of the Union that legalized marijuana had 25% fewer opioid-related deaths.

– Eat more hemp.  The government based RDA (Required Daily Amount) is helped very adequately in a person’s life by the consumption of hemp seeds.  Hemp seeds in the amount of one cup daily provide 73% of protein, 53% of iron, 160% of your needed magnesium, and 77% of your zinc as indicated by official government standards.  

– Per gram, hemp has more protein and iron than beef.

– The parts of your body directly affected by your consumption of hemp seeds will be your heart, your eyes, skin, and bones.  You will enjoy support in weight loss, and hemp seeds will help you maintain healthy levels of cholesterol.

– 27,000 trees per day are destroyed due to toilet paper consumption endangering rainforest inhabitants.  Why not hemp toilet paper?  Hemp provides four times the pulp per acre and only takes five months to produce a crop.