The Puffco Art Show

Puffco turned an empty warehouse into a high-end, glass-art gallery and retail experience in downtown, LA on Saturday July 21st.
It’s 3PM, and 100 people are lined up outside a warehouse turned glass-art gallery for the 2018 Puffco Art Show. The doors open and fans both young and old, seasoned and novice, immediately file in. Some form a line to buy pre-release Puffco products debuting at the event for pre-release (the New Plus, and the new Peak colorway). While others quickly lay claim to one of the many Puffco Peak glass attachments. The raw industrial feel of the warehouse, combined with the gallery glass pedestal displays, sprawling tropical plant and floral arrangements, and minimalist clean white installations of the brand created a unique atmosphere for an event catering to cannabis and glass-art fans.
The perimeter inside the venue was lined with chest-high white pedestals and large Puffco art prints mounted behind them. Atop the pedestals, encased in glass, sat 25+ unique glass-art pieces for sale, fixated onto the Puffco Peak base that they pair with. A harmonious relationship between technologically driven efficiency and the glass art-form that inspired it all. All of the glass-art attachments displayed their own unique style and artistic vision. Ryan Fitt’s two pieces featured freehand line work with an art-deco yet futuristic combination. Joachim featured his reaper character, which utilizes the removable sickle and lantern it holds as functional pieces, bringing the art to life. Both were in attendance along with several other glass-artists like Chow, Slob, Ben David, Spacewalk, Reyna Says, Preston Hanna, Saki, Pakoh, Enuff, and more.
After guests explored the interior gallery exhibit, they moved outside onto a turf-floored backyard filled with white picnic tables, a dj, and a fruit cart vendor to complement the high and sunshine. Hostesses holding ornately-engraved silver serving trays offered demo samples from the Peak situated proudly in the center. The crowd was polite and soft-spoken with a palpable shared excitement over being part of such a diverse, eclectic, and tightly woven community that was now all in one place together for a brief moment.
The Puffco art show was a small glimpse into what the future of cannabis, technology, and glass art holds.
Courtesy of @puffco with contributions by @kushy_kitty