Britannia Launches CBD Hair Growth Trial

A Canadian product development company is starting a consumer hair growth trial involving cannabidiol (CBD)

Britannia Life Sciences Inc. today announced its launch of a consumer trial to test CBD oil’s efficacy as an active ingredient in hair loss treatment.

Britannia says the global hair loss treatment market was worth billions in 2020, and the industry estimates it will grow four to six percent annually through 2027.

“This hair growth initiative is aligned with Britannia’s strategy of utilizing its resources and expertise,” stated Britannia in a press release. “To build a high-value intellectual property portfolio while growing the market for CBD by developing a broad range of new applications across a wide range of products.”

Britannia says it has engaged its Advanced Development and Safety Laboratories (ADSL) subsidiary to finalize a topical cream formulation to promote hair growth and density.

According to Britannia, the topical cream uses broad-spectrum CBD-rich distillate hemp oil.

Britannia says ADSL’s First Beauty platform will manage the consumer trial, which will proceed under the guidance and supervision of health professionals.

In the initial phase, Britannia says trial participants will test a topical cream and provide weekly feedback for six months.

People interested in participating in the trial can visit the company website to register and join the email list.

Anyone with questions should direct them to