Convicted Murderer Sues To Use Marijuana In Prison

By Benjie Cooper

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An inmate serving a life sentence at the McCormick Correctional Institution for murder is suing the South Carolina Department of Corrections, alleging that his religious beliefs are being infringed upon.

Forty-one-year-old James R. Rose was convicted for his part in the 2013 execution-style murder a Lincolnville town councilman’s son and was sentenced to life in prison. He has been incarcerated since January 2012.

Last Monday, Rose filed a lawsuit accusing the South Carolina Department of Corrections of violating his rights by not allowing him to use marijuana and keep his dreadlocks. He says that prison officials shaved his head after he asked for cannabis.

“Defendant violated my constitutional right under United States Constitution and Fedal Law (sic) by not allowing me to practice my religion by growing my hair unlimited length and marijuana as part of the Rastafarian religious practice as defendant refused to provide marajuana (sic),” wrote Rose in the handwritten lawsuit.

Rose states that he was physically restrained by prison officials as his dreadlocks were shaved off.

“The injuries I’ve sustained related to the events were migraine headaches, psychological trauma, mental anguish (depression), panic attacks, and nightmares,” stated Rose.

Rose claims that the Department of Corrections is violating the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act by denying him marijuana.

The courts previously dismissed another appeal by Rose as it allegedly failed to comply with appeal procedure rules.

Image: South Carolina Department of Corrections