GB Sciences Gets Patent For Cannabinoid-Containing Compound

An American plant-focused biopharmaceutical research and development company has acquired a patent for a proprietary cannabinoid-containing compound.

Las Vegas, Nevada-based GB Sciences announced this week that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) had granted it a patent for its cardiac hypertrophy treatment compound.

Cardiac hypertrophy is a muscle mass increase that happens when cardiac muscle fibers thicken or cells enlarge from chronic and increased heart stress.

Causes include intense sports activities, ventricular pressure overload, and ventricular volume overload.

Cardiac hypertrophy can pose a grave health risk and lead to heart failure.

GB Sciences says its new patent includes using its receptor-targeted formulations to treat TRPV1 receptor-associated hearing loss and urinary cystitis.

According to the company, its new patent also covers treatments that use optimized mixtures of cannabis-derived compounds as the active pharmaceutical ingredient, even if they come from another plant.

“At GB Sciences, our novel approach to drug discovery combines artificial intelligence and the power of plants to find new treatments based on traditional medicine from around the world,” says GB Sciences President Dr. Andrea Small-Howard. “Our latest patent-protected formulations will potentially help people who suffer from advanced heart disease, and they may be useful for the prevention of TRPV1-related hearing loss and urinary cystitis because of their activity on that important receptor.”

Treating Heart Disease

While a vast selection of prescription heart medication currently exists, GB Sciences says heart disease is still the leading cause of death for most people in the United States.

The company says alternative approaches are necessary, particularly in treating advanced heart disease.

According to GB Sciences, projections put the prescription heart disease drug market at $64 billion by 2026.

GB Sciences says new therapeutic approaches will fuel the market in the future.

The company says it is committed to developing advanced heart disease treatments from cannabis and other plants.

GB Sciences says it will produce its formulations using artificially-created molecules that are identical to the plant-based ingredients that inspired them.

By using artificially-created molecules, the company does not need to grow plants to obtain the ingredients.

According to the company, the minimally essential formulations function as therapeutic agents for specific disease categories like Parkinson’s disease, chronic pain, and TRPV1-receptor-related disorders.

GB Sciences says it currently holds four U.S. patents for the therapeutic use of plant-derived compounds.

Additionally, GB Sciences licenses two U.S. patents for TRPV1 receptor-related disorder treatment methods.

The company says it also has three patents outside the United States and several patents pending in the U.S. and internationally.