Operating Out of Faith in the Cannabis Industry: 1st Lady of the West Coast

The 1st Lady of the West Coast is reshaping perceptions and leading others to a better way of healing. Candid Chronicle connected with 1st Lady of the West Coast, who is the first black woman to have her own strain lines and is the owner of Herb of Life Cultivation. Herb of Life Cultivation was created to save lives by getting people off of pharmaceutical drugs, namely opioids. Keep reading to learn more about the 1st Lady of the West Coast‘s entrance into the cannabis industry, relationship with the plant, as well as her hopes and aspirations for the cannabis industry.

“I wanted to show that there are women in the industry that can grow medical cannabis and not just taking it for medical purposes,” says 1st Lady of the West Coast.

How did you get involved in the cannabis industry?

I got involved back in 2009, looking for a natural alternative and cannabis was it for me. Pharmaceutical drugs were destroying my liver and kidney. I wanted to learn how to grow my own medicine. I got taught by Joseph Rezene and then from there I started doing my research on medical cannabis, growing, studying the medical benefits of cannabis, it blew my mind on how amazing this plants is, and every since then, I haven’t looked back.

What life changes occurred when you entered the cannabis industry? 

I felt free, excited to make a difference in people’s lives, to show the possibilities in the cannabis industry as a black woman. Spreading the truth on this amazing plant and its medical benefits.

What about the cannabis industry and community do you love? 

I’m excited to see where the cannabis industry is going. I remember growing back in the days and scared to invite anyone over, let alone take pictures. And if i did and send them, I also wrote please delete picture after viewing, so there wasn’t no trace back to me, man those days. 

I love seeing how Black-Owned Cannabis Businesses are coming aboard. With the War Against Drugs, people of color experience discrimination at every stage of the criminal justice system and are more likely to be stopped, searched, arrested, convicted, harshly sentenced and saddled with a lifelong criminal record. I’m excited to see Oakland’s Equity Program how they are offering cannabis dispensary permits to longtime residents of areas of the city who were most impacted by the drug war. I love seeing how people are looking for a natural alternative.

Do you have any frustrations, hopes, fears as cannabis changes? 

I do sometimes have frustrations, but I think that is with any business. The ups and downs, what didn’t go right, I can focus on the wrong or I can focus on what can be done to move forward. My hope is to see more capital for black-owned businesses that need help to start up. I don’t operate off fear, only faith. I have to trust the vision God has given me and not live in fear but faith.   

Where would you like to see yourself in the cannabis industry 3 years from now? 

Running a trustworthy company with trustworthy and safe products to consume for our cannabis family as we call them. We don’t call them clients or customers but our cannabis family. We see ourselves giving back to missionaries, donating to climate and environmental change, planting trees, etc.

What does the future of cannabis look like to you? 

The future of cannabis, man, I can only image what it will look like. I pray we can take cannabis off schedule one. I pray there are still good people, with good hearts looking to make a difference in people’s lives for the better, not for greed of money in the industry but to really changes lives. I wonder if the future will hold the shut down of opiates, etc. Hmmmm, I wonder. I just pray it goes in a good direction.

How do you plan to make a positive difference in the cannabis industry? 

Sharing my story of how cannabis saved my life from pharmaceutical drugs and opiates. I was bipolar depressive and due to that they had me on Abilify, Prozac, etc. They kept switching due to the levels of my liver and kidney messing up, they didn’t care. On to the next pill. I wasn’t nobody lab rat. I want to make a positive impact in people’s lives and speak on the danger of taking pharmaceutical drugs and how it destroys your body, immune system, and how you can become addicted. I want to give life back to people with the knowledge of natural herbs and how they can help instead of toxins given by doctors.  All my products will be safe to consume, grown organically, no chemicals in the nutrients. I don’t believe in chemicals in my nutrients, all-natural is the way to go.


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What makes you proud or gratified to be a part of the “legal” cannabis industry? 

Being a black woman and setting the standard on what is possible.

Do you consume cannabis?

Yes I do consume cannabis; I smoke it, I take it as an edible, I eat cannabis fan leafs or I juice them. Depends on how I am feeling.

What’s your favorite strain/cannabis product/etc? 

BlackGirlMagicOG that is one of my strain lines, that is Hybrid Indica!

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself or your business? 

I’m 1st Lady Of The West Coast, Singer, Emcee, Songwriter, Cannabis Entrepreneur from California. I am back and forth between Las Vegas since I am bring my strain lines to Las Vegas, Nevada due to the help of my business partner Aeshia Goins. My primary goal is to save one life at a time to show people good people really do exist.