Puffing Since 1975

By Benjie Cooper

IG: @nuglifenews

YouTube: Lucid’s Vlog

In the 2017 world of cannabis, there is a diverse pool of oil vaporizing cartridges on the market with an equally diverse range of tastes, ingredients, and qualities. These factors can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and each consumer has their own personal criteria as to which ones they prefer. But while some people might enjoy tasting the different terpene flavors that accent many of the carts on the cannabis market, others prefer a more natural experience without added terpenes, propylene glycol (PG), or polyethylene glycol (PEG). These are added as thinners to cannabis oils so they can be used in particular vaping hardware.

I’ve puffed my way through my fair share of vape pens and cartridges and have tried products from various makers over the past few years. Other than the cleanliness of the product and the quality of the hardware, one of my main criteria for choosing a brand is whether or not it makes me cough when I inhaled it. This one tends to be an indication of the other two.

I recently got a .5 gram Since 1975 All Natural Blend vape cartridge and promptly screwed it into one of my click-button batteries that I had just charged. I held down the button and took in a few nice long pulls to get a good taste of the product. I hadn’t dabbed yet that day, so my lungs and the rest of my body were still a blank slate. Much to my delight and surprise, after a few puffs of the delicious concentrate, I wasn’t coughing at all.

I had gotten so used to expecting a vape to at least somewhat irritate my lungs that the smoothness of the oil was a contrastingly savory experience. I thought to myself that this couldn’t last, that the heat from the cartridge would start to degrade the oil and it would begin to become darker and harsher as I vaped my way through it. But as I continued to puff on the glass-and-metal cart over the next couple of weeks, the color of the oil remained the beautiful golden hue that it was when I first opened the package, and the mildly sweet, smooth flavor stayed true to the last drop.

If you are among the crowd that prefers the vaping experience when it comes to your cannabinoid intake, or if it’s simply one of the tools that you have in your marijuana arsenal, consider giving the Since 1975 brand a try for a top-notch cartridge.