Simple Way to Make Your Own Cannabis Edibles

Many cannabis users buy cannabis candies. Or people will make brownies at home. None of this is necessary though. Any food that we eat that is cooked or processed at home can be a cannabis edible. It’s very easy and simple to do. All one needs is the cannabis itself, a microwave, and whatever cooking oil one prefers. And of course the food itself. There are recipes on how to make edibles online. Most overly complicate a very simple process. Simply make the oil containing THC, and you’re in business to make whatever cannabis edible one desires.

THC in the raw cannabis flower is not active. Therefore using the raw bud will do no good. Heating at high enough levels activates the THC in the bud. Oil easily absorbs the THC. To make THC oil, one can simply put a gram of cannabis in a small microwave-safe container. Pour some oil in the container. Put the container in the microwave for a few minutes and be careful one does not burn the bud. One can let the oil sit for awhile. It can be directly sprinkled on top of the food you’re eating, or it can be put in food that is being cooked however you want it. It can also be put in a blender with whatever you use to make a smoothie.

Experiment with the amount you need in food to get the effects you desire. Be aware that it can take an hour to start feeling the effects of eating cannabis edibles, so don’t get greedy when you don’t immediately feel high.

For those that don’t like to smoke or cannot for medical reasons, cannabis edibles are a safe way of consuming cannabis. And for those that like to use the kitchen, making one’s own edibles is a very fun way to get high. The research for this article was made possible by Candid Chronicle.