The PayPal of Pot

By Cara Anderson

IG: @carajojo

Kind Financial, a cannabis tech company, has their sights set for success. The company, who is partnered with Microsoft, will be soon releasing Kind Pay, a phone-based payment system that will be similar to the Starbucks app. Kind Pay will also allow credit card cannabis transactions in states where cannabis is legal.

Kind Financial has already made strides with their seed to sale tracking technology, which is powered by Microsoft Azure. Their seed to sale tracking organizes data such as what is being grown in specific states, and where products are being sold. Products are tracked with RFID sensors, and consumer information supplied by medical cards will provide insight to who exactly is purchasing the products.

“We hope Kind Pay will be the PayPal for the cannabis industry,” Kind founder and CEO David Dinenberg told Fast Company.


Featured image via Hightimes.