Vivant Incendio E-rig

 Dabbing concentrates has become widely available to a greater population of extract users since California’s cannabis legalization, and the industry is producing exceptional quality extracts to accommodate the growing market. One of the most popular/traditional methods of consuming extracts has been the use of torches and ‘nail’/‘banger’ configurations to achieve ideal ‘dabs’, however these tools/consumption methods can be rather intimidating for beginner users due to the potential fire and burn injuries that can occur with mishandling a torch and/or hot metal. Opting for an enail is a great choice and can reduce potential hazards, however many consumers may be unwilling to invest in the cost to build out a high-quality enail system. This is where smaller battery systems have become increasingly popular due to their simplicity, evolving technology, portability, and relative affordability. As of now, there are many interesting and exceptional companies/products to choose from, some are simplistic while others contain a variety of attachments, options, and functions to accommodate advanced users. For those who are interested in investing in any of these systems, do not be afraid to shop around and ask questions in order to find a product that is most suitable to the needs of the user.

This time around, we had a chance at trying the Incendio portable ‘enail’ kit by Vivant. At first glance, the Incendio is a basic ‘mod-box’ type vaporizer with an included water filter attachment, however, it contains a few interesting features that set it apart from other setups. Starting with their Incendio Tank which is powered by what they’ve named their ‘Firecore’  heating element with an electrical trace embedded directly underneath the all-silica glass bowl. The result of this means there is no contact between the metal trace and the extract being vaporized, producing an unmistakably clean flavor. Once used, cleaning the inner bowl can be accomplished with a simple cotton swab and alcohol, (those who’re familiar with special/natural products used to clean quartz bangers will also be able to benefit from the Firecore’s easy to clean glass bowl). Additionally, the Incendio tank can be purchased individually and used by those who already have a mod-box type vaporizer that can support 25W and a standard 510 threading.

A unique and useful feature lies within the Incendio battery, which can switch between two heating modes: variable wattage, which allows it to function like a conventional 510 thread mod-box vapor system, and the special ‘enail’ mode. When switched to the water filter attachment and set to this function, the display switches to a temperature setting mode, allowing users to set it to several different increments to provide ideal heat for various vaporization needs. When activated, the battery displays a small timer, taking 10 seconds to heat the glass bowl, the device will then indicate that it is ‘ready’ and maintain heat via the electrical trace for an additional 45+ seconds, allowing it to be used in a more traditional ‘enail’ manner. (Helpful tip: to maintain optimal dab temperature and to help preserve the life of the Firecore coil, allow the heat source to adequately cool off when taking dabs in continuous succession.)

The Vivant Incendio kit comes complete with everything needed to get things vaping. In addition to the water filter attachment, it also includes a dab/carb cap tool, an extra Firecore coil, charging cable, spare O-rings, empty extract container, and a carrying case to store everything when not in use.

We’d like to thank Vivant for letting us check out their Incendio portable enail kit, for more information on Vivant and any of their other vaporizer products, feel free to check out their website at