Cannabolish Adds Lavender To Its Smoke-Clearing Lineup

When it comes to cannabis consumption, smoking is arguably one of the most popular methods.

But where there is smoke, there will be an odor.

And while the odor from cannabis smoke is not as potent as that of tobacco smoke, it can still linger long after you’ve finished your bowl.

If you’ve read any of my articles on Candid Chronicle during the past year, you may have noticed a related product line from Cannabolish that I’ve featured in a couple of gift guides.

The OMI Industries subsidiary produces a variety of sprays, candles, and gels designed to help clear the air after a session.

OMI Industries has been creating odor-eliminating products for industrial, commercial, and consumer markets for nearly 30 years.

Cannabolish initially offered its odor-removing products in a wintergreen scent, but this week, the company has added a new variety.

On Tuesday, Cannabolish announced the launch of its new lavender-scented line of candles, sprays, and gels.

“Cannabolish’s patented formula is unique because it completely neutralizes the odorous and toxic chemicals found in cannabis smoke and can be used safely both indoors and out, says OMI Industries R&D Director Dr. Laura Haupert. “We’re proud to provide cannabis enthusiasts with a more effective, safer, and environmentally friendly cannabis odor remover.”

Cannabolish makes its products, which are available online and nationwide, from natural plant oils and water.

The company says it fights unwanted smells with a science-based formula that absorbs odor molecules into Cannabolish droplets and neutralizes them.

According to Cannabolish, its sprays bond vapor to odor molecules to neutralize scents instead of masking them.

Cannabolish calls it a simple-yet-complex solution to controlling cannabis smoke odor that works in any setting, including the home, car, or hotel room.

By fighting terpenes with terpenes and rigorous testing, Cannabolish says it has developed its formulations to be the best in the industry.

Cannabolish products are available on its website and more than 1,000 retail locations in the United States and Canada, including Amazon and Bed, Bath, and Beyond.